2014 – A New Year (Again)

The last post on this blog was almost exactly one year ago.  It would have been, but I was out of town and that delayed it.  Let me get this out of the way first: I came nowhere near meeting all of my goals from last year.  There are no reviews of movies on this blog; I completed exactly none of the outstanding projects I mentioned, though I did try on a few; and I read only 5 books.  The good news is that what is arguably the most important goal, exercising, has had major progress.

But now I’m back.  What are the New Year’s Resolutions for 2015?  I’m going for very similar goals this year.

  1. Exercise.  Period.  Continue the exercise trend.
  2. Diet.  No, I’m not going on a diet, I eat extremely well overall.  But I’m going to cut out all pop (soda, whatever you want to call it), and work to limit portions while eating out.  This last week, even though I was in a resort with virtually unlimited free food, I kept things to a minimum.
  3. Read.  Read, on average, an hour a day.  I’m not going to set a book goal, I’m going to keep it much simpler.  Just read.
  4. Write.  Movie reviews, blog posts, articles, maybe even books.  Who knows that this means, but I want to set aside, on average, two hours each week to write something.
  5. Projects.  I won’t count housework as a goal – it’s a necessity.  I need to complete the projects that I start.  Whether it’s a website, a personal entrepreneurial project, or some crazy electronics idea that I’ve come up with (flying robots of death all the way), I need to set aside time to complete them.

Let 2014 begin!

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