This page is supposed to summarize who I am and what this blog is about. This blog is about who I am. I am a fan of movies, so you can find movie reviews here, and they will probably be the most abundant thing on this site. I would like to review every movie I watch, even if it’s only a quick blurb, but that has yet to happen. I’m ever the geek, so you’ll likely find some random video game, programming, or robot babblings. I try to read as often as I can and I try to write (though that’s a rarity these days). Being a geek, a lot of what I read and write are pretty easily guessed. Occasionally I’ll surprise you, though. I will avoid politics and gossip and religion as much as I can – the internet already too full of that garbage. The rest is fair game.

I now fall into the “Over 26” category you see on surveys. Married and totally in love. I have too many half-hobbies and too few complete hobbies, and I never complete any project I’m working on for myself. I’m convinced that my perfect dog is a Shiba Inu. My gravatar will probably never be a picture of my face. I’d love to put a photo gallery on this site, but that would require me to edit the pictures I take.

When I say I’m a geek I truly mean it. My license plate has <licenseplate></licenseplaste> surrounding it. I am building a wheeled robot with dreams of building a self balancing quad-copter and a hexapod. I want to build an arcade cabinet. I prefer Tolkien to Lewis and Star Wars to Star Trek.

That is who I am. This blog is about that.

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