2013 – New Year, Same Blog

2013 is a new year, but this is going to turn into a new blog.  My life has changed a lot in the last year and it’s time I get back to maintaining this blog.  There are other things in my life to maintain now too, of course, but I have some New Year’s resolutions that I hope to keep.  Here’s the resolutions to start the year off:

  1. Write a review of every movie I watch.  Every single one.  This starts very soon – I am already behind.  I owe the world reviews of Lincoln, This Is 40, Looper, John Carter, The Conspirator, The Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained, and Zero Dark Thirty.  I have a long week ahead of me writing these, but if I write them shortly after viewing, I should be able to maintain.
  2. Start exercising.  Nothing fancy, no hard goals here for weight loss or distance running.  Just regular, routine exercise.  This is probably the most important of my resolutions.
  3. Master the four pass shave.  This does not mean that I won’t wind up with any bleeders.  But it does mean I should have good control of my angles, and I should probably have even dexterity with both hands.
  4. Read 15 books.  This is arguably the hardest of my resolutions.  Especially considering I haven’t read one chapter since 1/1/2013 yet, and the next two books I’m slated to read – as I’m already well into the Song Of Ice and Fire series – are well over 1,000 pages.  Perhaps I should count those as four books?  Regardless, I want to read more, I need to read more, and this is my attempt to do so.
  5. Complete all of my outstanding projects.  This includes my quadcopter, a couple website builds, learning to use a CNC at the local hackerspace, and, of course, all the house work.  No more talking about how cool or nice it would be – it will be done!

The trick, really, is going to be fitting this much in with a new daughter.  Family time is hard enough between work hours – how will I do the rest?  That is the real trick.

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