Interesting stories

It’s a new year, and I’m looking at beginning this blog anew.  To start things off, I’m going to share a few articles that have peaked my interest.

O.T.I.S.: Flying Monkeys
"Odd Things I’ve Seen" (O.T.I.S.) is one of my favorite blogs to spend a few minutes on every few weeks.  It is exactly what it sounds like, and the "Flying Monkeys" entry is as odd as ever!

10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken
Whether it the last known picture taken of someone, or the last picture someone took before they perished themselves, this list presents one of the more morbid and interesting lists I’ve found in a long time.

Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine
A lost mine in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains, lined with so much gold that a single tap of your hammer would make you unbelievably rich.  But is it real?

Duchess of Carnegie, 96, Refuses to Leave Home
Editta Sherman has lived in Carnegie Hall since 1947, and now she’s begin evicted.  And as it sounds, she’s refusing to leave.

Apollo 8 Astronauts Remember Historic Voyage
An interesting, though painfully brief, interview with the astronauts from the Apollo 8 mission (the first men to orbit the moon).

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